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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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and child who have contributed to our state. >> governor brown vows to protect name grants in his state of the address. >> it matters to families. >> the massive effort to bring answers to a grieving family. the four on two starts now. investigators are trying to figure out to two people found dead. the married couple were found dead in their apartment and along with their cat. henry lee joins us live from berkeley with the latest. what do we know? >> ted, family and friend mourn the loss of roger and valerie the berkeley police and the coroner's office hope that
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autopsies will solve the mystery. >> 35-year-old roger and his wife val were found dead on deacon street. >> roger was a former software engineer and 42-year-old val was an eye researcher that earned advanced degrees from berkeley where they met. marty vance was her advisor when she got her degree from cal. >> she was a very happy person who was a great point in her career. thing were going well. her husband was fun guy and energetic and bright guy. a woman that knows the couple call police about one monday afternoon after finding roger and his cats unresponsive. police and firefighters went inside and found valerie's body. authorities have ruled out
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radiation or a gas or carbon monoxide mix. no signs of violence or foul play. as we come back out here live. the autopsy will be the key for that toxicology test to take some time. this is the latest so the mystery continues in berkeley. henry lee, fox 2 news. crews worked to pull a vehicle from an alameda creek hoping to locate the driver but not found. the honda accord was recovered hoping to recover the body of 18-year-old cayla jenkins. the driver was no where to be found. the complicate the operations shut down niles county road when firefighters began to process. jenkins was driving the car when it collided with another vehicle and veered in the creek. her family is holding out hope that they will find the teen alive. >> because i'm her mother, i am
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not losing hope. i am pray that my child is coming home. you have to -- until i find her, she is coming home. it is not that she is not but she is coming home. the family was instrumental in helping to locate the car. her daughter was driving to visit family when the accident happened. the sun was out but a problem on a north bay commute continues. highway 37 and highway 101 in nevada remain shut down. the second time that flooding has closed the section of the road. the king tides predicted could make the situation even worse. c h p can't estimate when those lanes could reopen. governor brown has declared a state of emergency for most of california because of the
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damage caused by our recent storms and flooding. 50 of the state's 58 counties are in this emergency proclamation. including all 9 bay area be counties. the state of emergency can help local government get fundinging to clean up and repair the damage caused bit storms. president trump says he expects to nominate a supreme court justice to seat the seat of the late anthony scalia as soon as next week. lauren blanchard reports that the president will fast track two pipeline projects that are controversial. >> we we are going to renegotiate terms. >> president trump signed orders to expedite the construction of the two pipe lines. something that president obama tried to stall. >> the president remarked this morning, he will ensure that we will continue to negotiate to
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find the best deals. reporter: president trump meeting with leaders of the judiciary to fill the empty seat on the supreme court. >> sometime next week i will make my decision. we have outstanding candidates. >> another controversial hearing for tom price for the secretary of human services. the congressman defending himself against claims from democratic lawmakers that he used bad judgment when he made a stock purchase last year and introduced a bill designed to benefit that same company. >> the reality is that everything that i did was ethical and aboveboard and legal and transparent. the reason that you know about these things is that we have made that information available in realtime. >> president trump has accepted an invitation from house speaker paul ryan to speak with a joint session of congress on february 28th. it will be his chance to lay out an official agenda before
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the entire congress. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. the trump administration also raised eyebrows by forbidding staff at the environmental protection agency from issuing any new press releases updating blogs or posting on social media at all. similar orders were issued at other federal agencies including agricultural and interior. a member of the transition team said they want to make sure that what goes out reflects the priorities of new administration. president trump and the white house continue to insist that millions continue to vote illegally in the november election giving the popular vote to hillary clinton. continue to maintain that belief based on studies that people have presented to him. >> what evidence? paul ryan said there is no evidence and the national secretary of state says that they don't agree with the president. what evidence do you have? >> the president has believed that for a while based on studies that he has had and information.
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the white house would not offer any further details about the president's claims that millions of illegal votes were cast. a busy day for president trump. i am joined by political columnist joe garrafollowi. let's talk about this idea that people cast votes illegally. i know have you a piece on this in the chronicle. ways behind this and is there any shred of evidence. how did it start? >> zero shred of evidence. an idea and a false and erroneous one with nothing to prove it. and the studies that they are citing, they are misrepresenting the studies. one of the few studies that said or talks about -- that says nothing about voter fraud and the author said there is no voting fraud. the secretary of state says
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there is no voter fraud in california. part of this is ego because the president lost the popular vote but i talked to analysts that said it is also a way to degrade the institutions and say you can't trust the media or the electoral system. the only person you can trust is me. the sub text. when he was at the convention, his acceptance speech is that i, remember when he said i alone can fix this system. so it is sort of trying to consolidate a lot of belief in trump himself as a savior character. it is provable inaccurate and that is the sub textbook. >> we are seeing video of him surrounded by people. are those people including mike pence in a position to say dude, come on, come back to
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reality? >> they all are but apparently none of them are. we are seeing push back from senator on the hill, lindsey graham was no friend of trump and saying he has to stop. paul ryan has said there is nothing to say that there is voter fraud going on here. i mean there's a darmouth study is you can say all kinds of stuff but the bottom line is that many people that voted for trump and those swing voters aren't going to believe it. they are tuning out this kind of stuff because they can just sluff this off as it sounds like a bunch of white noise and the media saying this independent fact trackers saying that and the president saying something entirely different. the only thing ... >> it gets loss. >> yes. the only thing that will make a difference is if they start losing money and health care and if rich people get big tax
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cuts and they don't. when it hits the pocketbook. a lot of the stuff is white noise to them. >> want to get your take on governor brown. his state of the state. i read a tweet saying where you summarized his announcement or speech as game on to washington. boy, he was fired up. >> without saying trump's name, jerry brown said any encouragement by the administration that would hurt the immigrants in california, the environment, climate change, anything like that, the state was fully prepared to push back and it was like a direct address from jerry brown to trump. it was very outward looking and usually so. usually he is focused on california. and he was to some extent but this was a message pitched to donald trump. thank you. we will look for your article in the chronicle. tom vacar will have more on
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governor brown's state of the state address coming up at 4:30. congressman haberra was sworn in today. he was confirmed yesterday by the state senate. graduated from stanford law school and california's deputy attorney general before running for political office. he is now california's first latino attorney general. we will speak with a lawmaker that spoke about the expediting of the pile pipeline. next disaster on the mountain. working to keep it safe dies in a traffic accident. cool and breezy and dry. a look at the conditions and how long the pattern will last coming up
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lawmakers outspoken about executive orders and memos issued by president trump. one of them is eric swaall. he joins us from washington d.c. you were on the floor talking about keystone and dakota pipeline. what did his memos or proclamation or executive orders, what is the force behind them? what do they do in terms of putting the two pipelines in motion? >> thanks for having me on.
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this past weekend i marched with thousands of women and male feminists in walnut creek and what i heard from them is, it is my body and my choice and it is her body and her choice. this afternoon with the support of president trump we saw the house republicans vote to take away abortion services especially from any employer that wants to provide them with the affordable health care tax credit. on top of that, we see that president trump is rolling back the protection that president obama put in place with the dakota and keystone pipeline and also he signed executive order to have the federal government start to dismantle the affordable health care. it has been a bad week for women and for the people that rely on affordable health care
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and a bad week for anybody that wants clean air and water in our country. republicans say that these are hundreds and thousands of possibly jobs moving forward. why shouldn't we move forward with these two projects which could stimulate the economy in those areas of the country? >> i care a lot about the men and women who count on these kinds of jobs. what i have suggested is that we invest in clean energy jobs, whether it is wind, fuel cells and do it in a way that keeps the air and water clean. we should be looking out for the men and women. but we should devote ourselves to investing in jobs that are good for our earth and good for our health. >> you talk about the week so far, the trump presidency just getting started. how much frustration is there, not only on capitol hill but from your constituents here in northern california if. >> a lot of my constituents are
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asking me why is president trump single-handedly the only person that is claiming that millions of people voted illegally while also saying simultaneously that russia had nothing to do with influencing the election. the only leader that believes those two things. a lot of people want to make sure we do everything we can to restore the election. that is why and a colleague have ever single democratic house maker to protect the democracy act to look at a bipartisan way what russia did and make sure that they or no foreign adversary does this again and i am concerned that we don't forget about what happened with the hacking in our election. eric, what an interesting week and more to come. i will talk to you again very soon. turning now to the weather. a break from the rain.
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here is a live look outside for the conditions right now. blue skies out there. some clouds out there of course and for more we will check in with rosemary orozco. >> such a beautiful view. plenty of sunshine to go around this afternoon and more to come. we did dry out this afternoon but not before landing amongst the top ten wettest on record put out there by the national weather service for the month of january. santa rosa. almost 19 inches of rain. almost 34 to 38% of normal and more like 84% of the norm for san francisco and a little bit less than san jose and impressive numbers. we haven't seen a wet january like this in a number of years. it looks like back in 1998. here is a 12 hour time lapse i put on here. you can see at 4:00 in the morning, the center of the storm was still right outside the bay area but have since shifted into southern california. taking the moisture with it.
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we do have partly cloudy skies over head and a cool day and breezy. no rain in the forecast, we do have just a very slight chance into thursday morning but it doesn't look like much and nothing to worry about. giving a look at the winds, we have onshore breeze at napa at 13. northwest breeze at 13 miles per hour. here is a look at the temperatures. 56 in oakland and 56 in san francisco and 50 in livermore and mid-50s in santa rosa. patchy fog to join us for the day and temperatures will be quite cold even near freezing for our inland communities. i will have a look at the numbers for tomorrow and talk about that slight possibility of rain and take a look into your week coming up. now to new information on the death of a ski patrol member at squaw valley ski resort during avalanche control this morning. the resort says the employee
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was killed by an explosive charge. it happened on gold coast ridge this morning. deputies identified the man as 42 year-old joe sizes. an employee at squaw valley alpine meadows. there is a go fund me page to help his wife and young son. the resort was closed and the investigation is ongoing. that area has been under an avalanche warning in past two weeks and controlled avalanches set off are conducted to keep skiers safe. the team at squaw valley is deeply saddened and would like to express our deepest sympathies. recent storms in the bay have resulted in dozens of trees falling. coming up, we will speak with
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an expert on contributing factors to this issue. stay with us.
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this storm system. dozens of trees to topple over and one of the issues is sudden oak death mix. we have matteo for being here. >> thank you for inviting me. >> an ongoing issue for people
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that may not know about it. what is sudden oak death. >> an invasive disease that arrived in california in the late 80s and became prevalent around the bay, around 1995 and 2000 and it affects the oak and tan oak that is the species and once these are affected by this microbe they are doomed and go through a long process. dying takes some time. trees may look healthy but they are weakened by the disease and so when you have a situation like this, with very heavy rainfall and winds, then they are much more subject to trees that are healthy. >> what are the species in our local area? >> the most important series is california coastline oak. the most common around the bay.
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california black oak is susceptible. heavily impacted by the disease. and i know we have had a lot of rain here in the bay area recently in the past couple of weeks. a lot of trees coming down. what is the main factor? can any -- what is the likelihood of the trees coming down? >> i think right now we have a critical situation because trees have suffered for a long period of drought and drought has weakened them. has made it susceptible to a series and they may have sudden oak death. we go from a dry period to incredibly wet period and these trees are weakened cannot sustain the heavy rains and winds. so death is one of the issues. i would say by now it was probably less than an issue than drought but now with this heavy rainfall sudden hill
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death will affect the trees and they will die within two and five years and so we will have a cycle again of mortality caused by sudden oak death compounded by heavy rains. >> you mentioned that two to five year time frame. we are still in the rainy season. what can people do to protect trees in their yards should they get inspections. >> consulting an arborist is a good idea because there's information on what people can do to protect their trees. you need to do that before it is infected and one of the most important things is actually eliminate some of the vectors and the most important one is california bay laural. some people have a lot on their property and it may be a good idea to eliminate it to facilitate the growth. when talking with homeowners with the recent storms, a lot of people say they didn't get the trees inspected, are their signs to
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look for? >> yes. bleeding on the outer bark of the tree, all of a sudden the outer bark will bleed for no reason and that's a clarification that tree is infected by sudden hill death or something similar. i tell people to go to southern oak it has a list of information and a lot of visual information with nice images and qualified arborists that can help in managing their property. thank you for being here. southern oak death if you are curious about the trees in your area. ted. oakland residents are hoping to keep the raiders in town through community events. coming up, we will sit down with an organizer. california is not turning back. not now or ever. plus continuing coverage. jerry brown's harsh criticism of donald trump up next.
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back to our political coverage. more on governor brown state of the state address. these speeches are a time to lay out the future and as tom vacar reports, governor brown went to a different direction. an attack on our new nation's president. >> even god cannot cause two
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times two not to be four. >> classic jerry brown. defiant throughout his entire state of the state message. target trump. >> no one knows what the new leaders will do, there are signs that are disturbing. we have seen the bol assertion of facts. >> target trump on immigrants. >> let me be clear, we will defend everybody, every man, woman and child that has come with a better light and contributed to the well-being of our state. target trump on nixing obama care. >> to do everything we can to protect the healthcare of our people. >> target trump on climate change. >> we can't fall back and give into the climb deniers. the science is clear, the temperatures are rising. and so are the oceans. natural habitats everywhere are under stress. the world knows this. >> brown challenged the new
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president to back his promises to build the nation's infrastructure. >> and committed to a one trillion dollar investment to public works across america and i say amen to that, brother. we are there with you. but brown warned do not turn on us. >> california is not turning back. >> the question to every household in california is being so defiant such a good idea with such a thin skin president who doesn't like criticism and controls the congress and all the resources it commands. >> he has already brought the fight to us and i think what is incumbent on the leaders and i applaud governor brown. >> our values are not for sale. the prospect of losing support from washington is not enough for us to move backwards. >> assembly republicans see defiance as danger.
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>> i think it will have disastrous results for california. president trump is serious what he is talking about. >> it seems for this year and next year the dye is cast. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. minnesota governor mark dayton revealed that he has prostate cancer. the news comes after the 69- year-old fainted near the end of the state of the state address yesterday. his aids caught him as he fell while standing behind a lectern in the house chambers. he hit his head. officials say he was not seriously injured. no word on why the governor briefly passed out. governor dayton says he doesn't believe that the two things are related. his cancer and him fainting. he will have a better idea next week what he is dealing with healthwise. >> by all indications there is not any extent beyond the
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prostate and i will go next week to mayo to determine the best course of treatment which will be surgery or radiation. legislatures adjourned the gathering after he collapsed. dayton appeared to be seated upright and conscious in his surroundings. he joked today that it could have been a sign that his speech was getting a little bit too long. dozens of women took to the steps of san francisco hall to propose the president's cut to women service including planned parenthood. several women on the board of supervisors are joining forces with local women organizations to protect women's access to affordable and free care. hillary roan will affirm the city's commitment to accessory productive family planning and sexual health services. she will do it regardless of
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the federal cuts that lay ahead. >> we are proud of our system and we will protect our system. the group says that president trump is threatening to cut the affordable health care entitle the x funds to affect planned parenthood and the clinics and the san francisco department of public health. the uc regents will meet tomorrow and thursday in san francisco and they will be joined by ailing president janet napolitano. she was recently hospitalized from complications and cancer treatments. among issues said to be discussed at the meeting, a potential raise. the oakland raiders filed relocation with the nfl taking another step for the possible move to las vegas. now an oakland group is saying not so fast. they are here try to organize and keep the team here in the bay area. with us now is ray bobit part
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of the oakland legal action community. a long name but the goal here is to try to keep the raiders in oakland. what can your organization do because it seems like mr. davis is held bent on going to davis. >> first and foremost we know there is a ronnie lot plan that has been presented that we like. i know that the community supports it. it is important for people to understand that we represent a section of oakland that really depends on the coliseum and we see this as an opportunity to develop. we see it as an opportunity to create jobs in our community. we see it as an opportunity to continue to bolster our economy. it is more than just about fanfare for us. we are the actual surrounding community that stretches from fruitville to the elm hurts district. >> there is no doubt that a stadium in the area where it is
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placed is going to have a positive economic impact. can you use that and how to you plan on using towards convincing the nfl to block the move or mr. davis that this is the right path because you will affect more people's live. i am sure there are people in vegas hoping for the same thing but these are people like you say in east oakland that have relayed on the a's and the raiders and the other activities. absolutely. ways interesting now is that we feel like there is a unique alignment strategically to keep the raiders here where there wasn't before. where we have ronnie lot that is crucial and nfl hall-of- famer that has a plan of act that has a secured funding with a reliable source and we have the city and county together and a change in leadership with the a's that loosens up the opportunity for the raiders to have more flexibility. this is all kind of aligning things that weren't aligned before that were there.
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equally as important. we will be clear that we will not allow relocation to occur without a fight. how do you fight? >> our first and foremost our group is going to make sure that we identify transparency in the relocation process. the constitution states that if there is a viable option in the home market than relocation is not plausible. it will be rejected. so what is important ... >> do you have a voice at the table and with the nfl and the other owners? >> i have spoken directly with eric grubman that is the vice- president of stadium relocation. he has visited and he and i have been communicating and he is aware that group is preparing to make sure that we address any situation as it relates to relocation. we want to know what validates a viable option. how do you determine that? we need transparency from that perspective. so we are going to be watch
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that prospect closely and equally as important we will make sure that we identify any legal resource that we have to in order to protect our team. not going to take this laying down. it is the spirit of the raider fans and the community surrounding it. we are not going to allow our relocation to occur as it did in san diego and st. louis. >> i know you have an event tomorrow. and we are not hearing the last from you mr. bobit. >> absolutely not. >> thank you for coming in. thank you. the oscar nominations are out. we will tell you who got the nods and who got snubbed. we will tell but local man up for best supporting offer. finally drying out in the bay area this afternoon and it is a trend we are likely to see as we go through the weekend. i will have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and a look into your extended forecast coming up. i can show you the world
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>> highway speeds have been lowered to 45 miles per hour in areas where residents are warned to stay off the roads. we'll go rosemary orozco monitoring the weather back here in the bay. >> looking nice this afternoon. a little cool and brisk for some but a pretty view. giving you a live look towards the bay bridge or golden gate bridge. cloud cover and mostly blue skies and plenty of sunshine. the most blue sky and sunshine we have seen in some time. here is a look at the numbers this hour towards san francisco from a different point of view. 55 in santa rosa and 52 san francisco and 56 in oakland. livermore 50s and san jose 55. temperatures were up around the
4:44 pm
bay area with more sunshine in place by 3 degrees and napa by five and santa rosa around the bay and five in san jose and the east bay a tad warmer than 24 mouser ago. as we get to the winds it was breezy out there this morning and continuing, around san jose 13 miles per hour and mountain view at ten and livermore and hayward reporting 8. the winds will continue. not too bad. brisk and a look at storm tracker 2 we have dried out and looking at partly cloudy skies for the evening. tomorrow with a residual moisture and likely to wake up with patchy fog. here is a look at the system. that outside the bay area at 4:00 this morning and shift the south and off of the point of conception and will move out. took the moisture with it and left us with partly cloudy skies to mostly clear skies. the next system for thursday it
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doesn't look like much. the models backing off. this is a look at tuesday afternoon and wednesday, partly cloudy skies and patchy fog and col start to the morning. afternoon highs, tomorrow a lot like today under partly cloudy skies and thursday morning, there's that watch right there. take a look the thursday morning and afternoon. it fizzles out and not coming towards the coast. we may have a few sprinkles on thursday. giving a look for tomorrow morning going out the door, a cold one, below freezing in santa rosa 31-degree expected for you. 33 in napa. we will go to the inner east bay, cold as well. 33 in livermore and 34 in concord. around the bay, not as bad. very chilly. 35 redwood city and 40 for areas near hayward and 42 in oakland and 43 expected for san francisco. in the south bay of san jose, a bone chilling 35 expected for you, san jose. afternoon highs for tomorrow, a lot like today. 50s in the forecast.
4:46 pm
56 expected for oakland and 54 san francisco. the south bay, san jose, 56 and north bay locations low 50s. 53 for san rafael and also for antioch. a look at the extended forecast. partly cloudy tomorrow and partly to mostly cloudy on thursday. talked about that slight chance at a few sprinkles on thursday and it doesn't look like it will amount to anything as we get to your bay area weekend, we are dry and quiet and mostly sunny skies. 60s by the end of the week. the key is that we are dry and getting a break. absolutely. thank you, rosemary. julie joins us with a look at the stories we are working on for fox 2 news at five. tragedy strikes at squaw valley ski resort. one of the people in charge of safety was killed as they tried to trigger avalanches there. coming up at five. investigators are trying to
4:47 pm
figure out what went wrong. half of the dogs in a north bay animal shelter. why workers are concerned. we are working on these stories at five. we will see you in a bit. hollywood's biggest night and one film is making history. coming up next on the four on two. everything you need to know about oscar nominations and more.
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oakland restaurant week running through sunday the 29th. there's special menus to
4:50 pm
encourage people to try new places. alex savage was checking out the menu at dragon gate. the restaurant serves what it will call street food. >> what are the characteristics. >> taiwan, we like to call nighttime and we sit on the street and have beers. this is the food we call outside food. the street food. >> making me hungry. the dragon gate is popular. golden state warriors stopped by. seth curry and kevin grant and draymond green enjoyed the food and posed for photos. >> the 89th annual oscars were revealed. 12 categories honoring the designsers and producers. ashley has more on who got the
4:51 pm
nod. here is to those that dream. it is official. the front-runner for this year's academy awards is la-la land. with a record tying 14 total. joining titanic and all about even for the most nominations and also are leads for emma stone and ryan gosling and one for best picture. >> you got to decide for yourself who you are going to be. can't let nobody make that decision. >> in 2nd place are nominees moonlight and arrival, each with 8. and also up for the best picture prize the emotional drama manchester by the sea. the inspirational story hidden figures and lion and hacksaw ridge. the modern day western hell or high water and the broadway to film adaptation fences. diversity is a big part of the
4:52 pm
conversation. after the oscars saw white controversy that has surrounded the show for the past two years. still a story in that maybe they have fixed it. we have six black nominees. dev patel for best supporting actor. a lot of actors of color this year. so maybe this year there is not an oscar so white controversy. terms of the top honors joining gosling are denzel washington for fences. manchester by the sea aflac and captain fantastic. up for best actress is isabelle and meryl streep as
4:53 pm
her record nomination for florence jenkins. this is one category that had a surprise snub. >> somewhat surprising to see na net bending get nominated for 20th century women. the big campaigning begins as for those that want to add oscar nominated on their resume. moonlighting, the oakland a's congratulating the nominee. a big delay for the brexit movement. the four on 2 will be right
4:54 pm
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back. >> a judge in san francisco will fine pg&e for safety laws uncovered after the explosion that killed 8 people in 2010. >> pg&e is expected to be handed down the official sentencing on thursday but right now it looks like the sentence will cost the company three million dollars.
4:57 pm
p g and e has paid $1.6 billion in fines from other proceedings. the company is also expected to spend five years on probation. under the watchful eye of independent court appointed monitor which was san bruno's main priority. they will have an independent monitor over their operation which is a huge thing for us and everybody. the judge may order pg&e to disclose the details of its criminal convictions when it runsards about safety or ads. the government must seek the government's approval for the break of the european union. >> how supporters and critics are reacting. british voters narrowly approved the referendum in june. the british supreme court ruled that government must go through
4:58 pm
parliament before starting exit negotiation turning brexit into a process that could take years. brexit opponents saying the ruling is a victory for the rule of law. >> this provides proper law for parliament. it is a shame it has taken this long to get that principle established. >> but supporters of brexit says the ruling won't make a difference and the government will introduce legislation within days to start the process. sticking to its march timetable. >> no one will seek to make it a vehicle for attempts to thwart the people. >> lawyers in london won't stop up from leaves the union. the react was mixed. people support brexit others are apprehensive about the consequences. >> the relationship in europe damaged the uk economy.
4:59 pm
>> the referendum is founded and needs to be reassess the. >> the labor party will seek to add significant amendments to the brexit bill that could lead to a legal battle in the house of commons. in london ben hall, fox news. fox 2 news at five starts now. search teams recover a car driven by an 18-year-old college student that careened into a creek but the young woman's body was not found inside. tonight her mother is holding out hope that her daughter is still alive. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a team of rescue work pulled the submerged car from the canyon and when they recovered it, they didn't find the body of the car. crews reduced the amount of water in the creek and attached lines to the honda accord. you can see that the front windshield and the windows were smashed out. jenkins was driving the car when it collided with another
5:00 pm
car on saturday morning along niles canyon road. the family of the teenager is holding out hope that maybe she is alive. because i'm her mother i am not losing hope. i am pray that my child is coming home so you have to -- until i find her, she is coming home. it is not that she is not. it is that she is coming home. the sheriff's department says the family was instrumental in helping locate the car. jada's mother says her daughter was driving to visit family when the accident happened. now to berkeley where we learned the identities of young married couple found dead in their apartment. tonight the cause of their death is still a mystery. the couple's cats were found dead in that same apartment. ktvu's henry lee joins us from


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